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"Targeted threats easily bypass the traditional, signature-based security solutions that most SMBs have in place. Once motivated attackers have secured a foothold, attacks persist on company networks for more than 140 days on average."

Gartner, July 2016

Huntress works around the clock to discover these malicious footholds. As a result, we identify a compromise before it damages your reputation and requires costly IT remediation.

Rapid Detection

Huntress aggregates and analyzes metadata collected from all Huntress agents to find infections quickly.

Easy Deployment

The Huntress Agent deploys to PCs within seconds using your existing configuration management or RMM solution.


Huntress generates breach remediation notifications directly in your existing ticketing system or PSA.

Tech Friendly

Huntress does all the heavy lifting, minimizing your malware related workload and remediation costs.


Hunting Persistent Threats

Hackers need initial access to get their malware on your computer, communications for the malware to steal your data, and persistence to start the malware after you reboot your computer. By targeting persistence, Huntress is able to detect infections that have slipped by anti-virus.

Customers Huntress

"We have already detected malware on client systems that have up-to-date, respected, name-brand virus protection." (READ MORE)

- MNS Group

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