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Attackers use their knowledge of how antivirus and other preventive security products work with persistence methods like fileless malware, backdoors, and application masquerading in order to evade detection.

Effectively hunting attackers and rooting them out demands a new approach. Through our unique focus on attacker persistence, we use innovative algorithms and human intelligence to help you pursue and challenge these threats.


Attackers constantly look to increase efficiency. Once they get past your preventive security, they maintain persistent access in your network by establishing a foothold. Without tools to detect these threats, a hacker can hang out undetected for days, months, and even years. Learn more in our datasheet.

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Foothold: Startup

Once malware compromises your endpoints, it can execute at startup even before a user logs in.

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Foothold: Login

To minimize behavior-based detection, some malware will only run when targeted users login.

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Foothold: Process Execution

In extreme cases, malware targets users only when executing specific processes.

Kyle Hanslovan

CEO, Huntress Labs


Huntress is simple to deploy and easy to manage. Our ThreatOps team is actively hunting for malicious footholds, detecting threats using our innovative techniques, and providing the right tools for fast and efficient remediation. And because of our unique approach, Huntress can easily complement and strengthen any existing security stack.


As active members of the security community, we believe education is a key component to keeping everyone safe. Join our monthly Tradecraft Tuesday series for unfiltered conversations where we expose hacker tactics, techniques, and procedures in a way that anyone can understand.

No products, no pitch, just tradecraft.

Want to watch previous episodes? Check out topics including ransomware and two-factor authentication - all uploaded to our YouTube channel. Join the conversation, and let us know what topics you want to learn next month!


The main selling point for us was that Huntress’ threat report included every single remediation step. This set them apart further from our other security vendors.

Jeff Harlan

United Systems & Software